Birthdays, baptisms, confirmations and other events


About the service

Matilde Beach Resort is an ideal place for your children. Birthday party for them is the most important day of the year and we take care that it forever remains in their memories. Organize your child a birthday, whether at the snack bar or restaurant and let the whole team be delighted.

Birthdays can be a theme and are designed according to the needs and ages. Entertainment team of Matilde Beach Resort will take care of the party and program so that the celebrator is here to relax and enjoy the day.


For you, we will organize gatherings for any occasion. Wheater you’re celebrating a regatta victory, you bought a new sail boat or you just want to meet old friends for some good old storytime?

Get in touch with us with your ideas for the event and for you we will prepare an unforgettable time with great food and a live music program in our Latier restaurant.

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