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Deck chairs on the beach at additional charge

At the newly decorated beach Matilde Beach Resort, guests can spend time relaxing on the deck chairs piled along the beach. For you it is just to relax and enjoy the view of Vodice, sea and islands in front of you. You can choose whether you want to relax on a deck chair in the pine forest, or directly in the sun soaking up all the sun’s rays.

Deck chairs can be rented on a daily or weekly basis for an extra charge according to price list. All information on renting deck chairs and umbrellas are available at the reception of the resort or on the beach.

Deck chairs on the pool

For a more comfortable stay at the beautiful swimming pool in the center of Matilde Beach Resort, we have ensured our guests maximum comfort. Deck chairs are located around the pool and guests can choose whether they want to enjoy and relax on deck chairs with beach umbrella, deck chairs in the shade or deck chairs in the sun. It is not possible to book a deck chair, they are available free of charge to all guests that stay in the resort.

While being on a deck chair, your look goes to the sea and the town center. In this unique environment surrounded by greenery, a waiter from Sun Bay Pool bar will kindly serve your favorite drink at your request.

Outdoor gym

Near the pool there is an outdoor gym where you can train at any time of the day, alone or in company.

Kayak rental

While you are at sea, we recommend to try all the pleasures of the sea and enjoy the activities that are not included in your everyday life. One of the adventures that await for you in Matilde Beach Resort certainly is kayaking. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this well-known water sport exploring the archipelago and enjoying the crystal clear waters. Now there is a good opportunity for sea adventure!

Rental of Nordic walking sticks

If you want to spend your vacation actively, we suggest that your choice is Nordic walking. This excellent way of recreation will relieve you of stress and your physical form will be at a high level. Taking care of your health you cannot ignore on your vacation. If you decide for this form of recreation, it is certainly advisable to activate other members of your team .

To rent Nordic walking sticks, look for more information at the front desk of the resort.

Bicycle rent

For many years the city of Vodice invests in the development of bicycle paths. An active holiday is one of the trends that is popular in this region. In our offer in Matilde Beach Resort we have bikes, which you can rent hourly or daily and spend time discovering all the charms of the town and a surrounding area. For those looking for adventure and a better physical form, the region offers a large number of bike trails that you can explore.

From the National Park, to nature parks, heights and plains, we are sure that the cycling will be adventure to remember.

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