''La Morosa'' Fashion Store

Be yours, be special. Fashion pieces in our boutique, beautiful design and italian quality will contribute to a unique summer look.

We offer a lot of different garments, mostly for the ladies. Our collection consists of beautiful laced, seethrough or colorful designs in many forms such as tops, blouses, evening or beach dresses and gowns, summer scarfs and big bold beach hats.

All of our items come directly from Italy, where it is carefully and lovingly crafted into the designs you get to wear on the beach or your evening stroll in the city on a hot summer night.


Gift yourself something special as a memory from your vacation so that everytime you see it in your home, you can relive your unforgettable vacation.

In our shop, you can also find traditional Croatian products, souvenirs you will bring as a memorial to your vacation in Croatia.

Food and drinks such as homemade honey, schnaps, wine, coffee, cocoa, capuccino, cookies, almonds, figs, other dried fruits and natural cosmetics like hand, body and face creams and lotions, gels, refreshing perfume scents of nature like roses and lavender.

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