Why spend your holiday in Matilde Beach Resort

Holidays are a chance to recharge yourself, enjoy the little things, spend time with family, friends and your significant others. It's a time of self care and self-reflection. Time of relaxation and fun.

Holidays are the days we look most forward to the whole year, every year. It is something we work for, something we long for and something we never forget and cherish forever.

It's the memories we tell over and over again at family dinners, compare with our friends over drinks and brag about to our coworkers.

As a holiday resort and more so, a family friendly resort, we love seeing our guests enjoy their time using everything we have to offer.

From accommodation, easy beach access, pool lounges, restaurant and bar, beauty salon, gift shop, fashion store, ice-cream house, fast food, pizza place and party zone beach club to kids playgrounds.

We want you to know that we take social distancing seriously and strive to be reliable and trustworhty. That is why we have taken precautions with our hygiene and safety standards in all parts of the Resort.

With comfort and privacy, you can enjoy your very own private space in your apartment with a separate and private entrance.

Depending on the type of the apartment, one bedroom or two bedrooms , you can lounge on your own balcony or terrace in your own private space.

That's why we now have room service where you can order a meal to be delivered to your appartment in case you don't feel like being bothered with cooking, therefore destressing your life a little bit. Our restaurant Latier can meet all of your needs regarding meal options.

Our newly renovated beach that gives you a sense of tranquility and relaxation that is much needed, now more than ever. We strive to give our guests the best possible care and attention.

Whether you enjoy a peaceful or a more active kind of holiday, we've got you covered.

If you decide to go outside of the city and explore the nature that surrounds us, you can book a trip to visit some of the national parks, on land or sea, depending on your mood and adventure level.

For active individuals, we have a variety of sport activities, such as bikes, paddle boarding, river rafting, kayaking, snorkeling, volleyball, parasailing, etc.

Hop over to the next town or city and sightsee a couple of historical monuments, even visit some of the famous filming locations or the centuries old Roman emperors palace, forts, churches and traditional villages. Maybe even learn a thing or two about the Dalmatian cousine and the production of olive oil, county wine, cheese and ways our ancestors use to live.

If your goal is to spend your vacation as lazy as possible, to keep it light you can simply rent a bike for a ride on the outskirts over looking the beautiful view or take a stroll around old town and dip your toes in the salty water at sunset.


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