Steam and ecological cleaning in Matilde Beach Resort

Today there are many products for cleaning and each of them promises a better and easy cleaning that the other. The thing is that easier, stronger and better the cleaning, the damaging it is for our health, enviroment and nature.


It is perfectly clear that most people don't like cleaning so it's understandable that most of the time we go for the easy way of tidying so we can get back to other things that bring us joy.


Cleaning can be a tiring job but it can also be very rewarding in a sense of accomplishment. Especially when it smells pleasantly nice after you've finished polishing up the place.


Many cleaning supplies are chemical cocktails made of aggressive ingredients that we expose ourselves and our children to.


By using ecological cleaning supplies that contain mild active ingredients safe for use, for skin and furniture, we are helping decrease the polution and support recycling.


Steam cleaning is the most natural way of cleaning that is simple, ecological and biologically clean because it doesn't contain chemicals.

Also, it relieves nature because there is no need for recycling and it is extremely economic.


Steam cleaning doesn't leave chemical traces behind or provokes alergies which makes it a healthier option that reaches even those hard accessible areas so you can be sure that your space is completely clean.


We are glad to be able to confirm that we are using both steam and ecological cleaning when preparing our apartments for your arrivals. We want you to feel safe and comfortable in our resort.

Matilde Beach Resort