Island Zlarin


About the destination

Zlarin, another island in Sibenik archipelago with just under 300 permanent residents and area close to 9 square kilometers. It is the third largest island in the archipelago located just 1.5 miles offshore in Sibenik channel.

The island is well known for its tradition of harvesting red corals and handmade coral jewelry. Although the industry is nowadays in decline, you can still buy corals there in several jewelry / souvenir galleries and shops.

The island was originally inhabited since Illyrian and Roman times, however, Zlarin was historically owned by Sibenik‘s noble families and landowners. The current island settlers of the only village on the island – Zlarin, came there in the 13th centuries to work on island’s olive, fig and wine groves.

Due to its beautiful nature and attractive landscapes as well as the frequent ferry connections to the mainland, Zlarin is popular as weekend and summer destination for foreign and local visitors from surrounding areas.


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